Gayle Weigand

GayleAn award-winning writer and communications strategist, Gayle has managed diverse communications needs of many public, private and not-for-profit organizations. Her proven track record of successful project management, internal and external communications, and proposal management/writing experience has resulted in optimal ROI for every client.

Through her career, Gayle has worked with leaders from a broad spectrum of industries including government, healthcare, education, advocacy, entertainment and philanthropy.

A communications “generalist,” Gayle’s work encompasses social marketing, public relations, and events management.  She has created and managed long and short term strategic communications plans for such organizations as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Catholic Health Buffalo, Georgetown University Hospital, and Villa Maria College.

Notable engagements include:

  • Project Director for CDC’s National HIV/AIDS Partnership to support domestic efforts in HIV/AIDS prevention.  Gayle led a team that developed multimedia materials, events and training to help CBOs, ASOs and national partners deliver HIV testing and prevention information throughout the United States.
  • The National Institute of Mental Health.  Gayle conducted in-depth research that identified where and how Americans prefer to receive mental health information; developed crisis communications and continuity of operations plans for the Institute; and delivered a comprehensive marketing plan for the Intramural Research Program.
  • Catholic Health.  Gayle developed and implemented an integrated communications plan and workshop series for Catholic Health that converted more than 90% of at-risk Medicare patients to healthcare system contracted provider plans.
  • Villa Maria College. Gayle implemented, managed, and promoted an annual 12-day Arts Festival that included daily theatre, music and visual art activities for the college and community-at-large that attracted more than 9,000 visitors to the campus.
  • As a proposal writer/manager, Gayle has been instrumental in securing government and private industry contracts for large and small businesses, in a wide spectrum of disciplines from healthcare to traffic safety to warehouse operations.

Gayle’s skills, knowledge, and experience with effective communications strategies and channels are an asset to any marketing and communications project.  Gayle works from the company’s office in Washington, DC and serves clients all over the country.


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