MRF Business Communications provides proposal management, writing, and editing services for both the public and private sector. Our experienced team manages and writes to Federal, State, and Regional government RFPs, Sources Sought and Requests for Information, as well as to private industry RFPs.

Successful proposals don’t just happen.  They are the product of thoughtful planning, preparation, and packaging. Before the writing begins, we hold a proposal assessment meeting and work together to develop a strategy and a winning theme..

Developing a successful strategy requires a thorough understanding of the proposal’s requirements, the customer’s evaluation criteria, and any other buyer intelligence that may impact selection. We analyze the decision makers and their roles, attitudes, influences, and propensity relative to your solution. We assess the strengths and weaknesses of the solution, your competitors’ solutions, and the customer’s perception of both, as compared to the requirements and selection criteria.  From this analysis, we devise a theme that answers the RFP questions, focuses on the strength of your offer, and provides credible evidence to support it.

The figure below outlines our approach to creating winning proposals: Picture38

A business proposal should reflect what is most important to the customer.  That is why a proposal that is built on what you know about the customer’s needs and attitudes, the opportunity, and your competitors, is a successful proposal.  MRF Business Communications understands this principle and incorporates it into every proposal we produce.