Writing and Editing Services

MRF Business Communications provides writing and editing services for all types of non-fiction pieces: proposals, business plans, newsletters, web copy, books, blog posts, and other types of materials.

You may be an experienced writer and a subject matter expert and may think you don’t need the services of an editor, and you may be right.  But even the most experienced and well-published writers use editors.  Editors are enhancers. They polish and refine the language, and ensure that the material flows as intended and delivers the message as outlined.  Editors remove what is not essential, improve what is essential, and draw the audiences’ focus to what is important to the point of the piece.  The editor serves the author, the document, and the reader, and finds the way to make the piece satisfy all three.Editing Services

As editors, we also identify areas of the writing that may be ambiguous or unclear to the reader and offer suggestions to make the concepts or ideas stand out.

MRF Business Communications provides writing and editing services for:

  • Business documents (business plans, proposals, letters, press releases, white papers, client testimonials, etc.)
  • Proposals (private sector and government solicitations and sources sought)
  • Web copy
  • Blog posts, articles, and newsletters
  • Marketing materials, brochures, product sheets, presentations
  • Books, pamphlets, or other publications